Exquisite Desi Delights: A Fusion of Indian Flavours in Every Dessert.

Kesar & Rose Kalakandh Cheesecake

Kesar & Rose Kalakandh Cheesecake

A fusion dessert containing Kalakandh – a traditional Indian milk cake that simply melts in the mouth, layered with our popular cheesecake.
Gulab Jamun & Boondi Cheesecake

Gulab Jamun & Boondi Cheesecake

A fusion dessert that befits the festive season! Decadent gulab jamuns layered in motichoor boondi, cheesecake frosting and vanilla sponge cake.
Ghevar & Pistachio Cheesecake

Ghevar & Pistachio Cheesecake

Ghevar, a Rajasthani filigreed delicacy which comes with a rich rabdi and crunchy chikki brittle is an explosion of flavours that lends its richness to our popular cheesecakr frosting.

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